Dating back to his early days in Canada, Doug’s father was involved in horse racing. In Perth they had success with many horses, most notably the 1932 Easter Cup win with Dainty Princess. There were hard times and some bad accidents for father Walter. Doug has some betting wins and after the war was a ‘betting clerk’ for a friend.

Doug tells of the comics he read as a child and of his time at Perth Boys School. We hear of headmaster Tommy Chandler, teachers Bill “Skippy” Skipworth, Hal “Tinny” McKail, Pud Stallwood, Jock Campbell and Ted Huck. Doug appears in the paper.

The family arrives in WA and lives first in South Fremantle and then to McMaster Street, Vic Park (McMaster Street was named after Joan’s grand-uncle) and finally to East Cannington. Doug starts schooling at Perth Boys School, stories of train travel and life at the Cash home.