Yokine (1954) It was in 1954 that Joan’s father, Arthur Moore, applied for a Returned Soldiers Housing Loan. He was a World War I veteran and had served in Egypt. Arthur and Lucie chose Yokine as the place to live and on July sixth moved into 6 Fletcher Street, Yokine.

Arthur and Lucie open a shop in Wembley, four generations in a two bedroom house. Choc tops. Grandpa P C McKenzie dies. All move in with Doug’s parents in Belmont. Then a new home back in Wembley. Ken and Merle wedding. Sarah Cash dies in a tragic accident. Move to West Perth and then the wheatbelt town of Bullfinch.

1944 and Doug meets Joan and the Moore family at 21 Victoria Square home in Perth. Doug and Joan get engaged via post in June 1945 while Doug was serving on Manus Island. They are married in May 1946 and tales of kitchen teas, could the bride have changed her mind (of course not) and happy celebrations followed by a honeymoon in Bunbury.