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This is the story of Earl Douglas Cash as written by him in the late 1980s and 90s. Part One of Doug’s story, Doug Cash, his life, was first self-published in 1987 and can be found in the National Library of Australia (Nq 920.0941 C338) and covers the years 1919-1946. Part Two covers the years from 1946 onwards. Sadly Doug did not complete his life story by the time he died in 2002 and his story stops in 1963.

This blog combines both parts one and two of Doug’s story. Doug’s words have been left as they were written to keep Doug’s writing style. Updates have been made to correct spelling errors and to create a consistent style with corrections and updates made by the editor where relevant. Originally written in a general chronological order, the story has been rearranged into chapters to make it easier to read and to take advantage of modern eBook functions.

To complete Doug’s story, the years 1964 to 2002 have been written by Doug’s grandchildren.


A slightly edited version of this can be found in the eBook of Doug Cash, his life.